Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
1 year ago

S2E9 - Headspace - Laura, Tiny and the Ladies

Headspace Salon & Co-op

In this very fun on-site episode Mike, Wallace and team hang out on the southside with the ladies of Headspace Salon and Co-op for a very rich and comical interview. Mike and Wallace are taken for quite a ride through some fun twists and turns. Besides many local food and music recommendations, we hear from Headspace owner Laura about her journey growing up in Austin and how she made her co-op idea a reality bringing together local stylists, artists, designers and creators. We also got to meet Tiny, the new head of security while we were there. Last but not least, we talk about some of the very cool house plants that you can purchase right at the store. Check out our Instagrams for more info and pics. ([@chillingonthesouthside])( and @headspacesalonandcoop :)