Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
11 months ago

S3E1 - Jeff Plankenhorn

Chilling with the Plank!

1 year ago

S2E11 - Michael + Matticus of Booth & Stager

At Least Your Pretty

1 year ago

S2E10 - Roasting off the Northside with Pat and Eric #1

Shawshank Quotes from the Shedquarters

1 year ago

S2E9 - Headspace - Laura, Tiny and the Ladies

Headspace Salon & Co-op

1 year ago

S2E8 - Jordan Gamboa - "Local Folkal" #2 @ Studio 601

About to make big fools of ourselves again ;)

1 year ago

S2E7 - Channing Neary - Flirting with Restorative Justice

Local ATX Defense Attorney with Texas Harm Reduction Alliance

1 year ago

S2E6 - Jade Greenough of Pivotal Academy of Dance

Owner of PAD, Dance Instructor and South Austinite

1 year ago

S2E4 - David Modigliani

Running with David / Biden's Victory - Nov. 7th, 2020

1 year ago

S2E3 - Eric Andre & My Mom

Comedian Eric Andre, Mike's sister (Tina D) and the cast of the show try to convince Mike's mom (Kay) to vote!