Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
1 year ago

S2E8 - Jordan Gamboa - "Local Folkal" #2 @ Studio 601

About to make big fools of ourselves again ;)

In this next installment of our 'Local Folkal" feature, Mike got to hang out with up and coming Austin musician Jordan Gamboa at studio 601. Mike and Jordan are joined by Studio 601 producers Eric Harrison and Mike Ingber for this incredibly fun interview. We talk about Jordan's experience of moving from California to Texas and some of the differences he's noticed. We discuss working at Studio 601 on new records releases to come and some of the feelings that come with playing writing and recording music. Jordan also reveals a "hole in one" golf story and his passion for golf and how it's been one of the things he did more of before the pandemic. We also give shoutouts to his family members who play a big role in Jordan's circle of support and even help film his music videos! Check out Jordan on Youtube @