Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
2 years ago

S1E8 - Sonya Cote - Executive Chef

The Chef of Hillside Farmacy & Eden East Austin fits right in chilling on the southside.

The Executive Chef Sonya Cote of Hillside Farmacy and Eden East Austin joins Mike & Wallace for this rich and in-depth interview of her life: past, present and future. We hear about how she made her way to the great state of Texas and went from drawing sketches of food to creating fantastic dishes of her own as a chef. We get to know a little more about Sonya’s favorite things and talk about her 6th year at the Austin Food and Wine Festival. There's food stories, ghost stories, work stories, and funny stories. We also learn about the vegetable romanesco - A broccoli sort of cauliflower. Yum! Mike made a bumper jingle on it ;) Enjoy 😊

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