Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
1 year ago

S2E7 - Channing Neary - Flirting with Restorative Justice

Local ATX Defense Attorney with Texas Harm Reduction Alliance

Episode Notes

2020 is finally over and while we as a nation are still flirting with disaster, GA has just won it for the Dems, the US Capitol was overrun by a mob and Trump just got all his social media suspended!! Mike is assisted by Nora subbing in on the cohost slot for this super rich and intriguing episode. Our interview was recorded just around the 2020 election and we learned so much about restorative justice from our wonderful and local ATX defense attorney, Channing Neary! Channing plays a huge part in the Texas Harm Reduction Alliance. We were privileged enough to record this ep all together safely in the backyard and it was such a beautiful day. :) There were also quite an array of topics we touch on as we explore the more personal side of Channing and how she chills on the southside. This episode will surely take you on a journey of humanity. Learn more at