Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
2 years ago

S1E14 - Julie Oliver - Part 1

Democratic Nominee for Texas' 25th Congressional District

Mike and Wallace do their first double episode featuring a very special guest, Juile Oliver! Julie is the democratic nominee for Texas' 25th Congressional District and we learn how she plans on making her way into Washington! Julie has deemed healthcare as one of the main focuses for motivating her campaign among other issues. We hear many great stories of her kids to a very funny book her dad gave her. She serves as an excellent beacon of knowledge and we couldn't ask for a better guest especially in this time of quarantine. Her spirit is fun, engaging and uplifting as she brings the best vibes to Chilling on the Southside. In part one of our episode with Julie, we learn many things from her favorite tunes to her favorite foods. We also find out that she may have been the one that hoarded all the pasta! - -

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