Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
2 years ago

S1E9 - The Boys from Studio 601 - Mike Ingber & Eric Harrison

Mike Ingber and Eric Harrison of South Austin's own Studio 601

Episode 09 is an amazing journey through music, space, conversation and time with the producers of Mike Donello's new record and theme song to the podcast! Mike Donello and co-host Wallace Weatherspoon kick it with Austin music men Mike Ingber and Eric Harrison, the owners of Studio 601. In this episode we experience a glimpse into their background and the local music community that brought Mike and Eric together. We learn how Studio 601 came to fruition and how Mike and Eric formed a great partnership of producing together. We talk about their process of recording and we also get to some fun jams and outtakes left in by the end of this episode. We hope you enjoy!

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