Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
2 years ago

S1E12 - Life Finds a Way - Charles & the 207 “Debassscale”

A 3 way FaceTime test run journey of wrong turns, whiskey talk, jazz bass and Jeff Goldblum quotes

In this mini episode 12, Mike starts off with a strum or two and we are greeted by sweet Nova, Wallace's pup in their backyard to kick off the episode. This is the second episode of practicing social distance as Mike and Wallace FaceTime. Mike wanted to surprise Wallace and tries to 3 way call with his old pal and bandmate Charles Ellingwood of Portland, ME. Fortunately for the sake of the show, things didn't go exactly as planned which lead to some humorous turns. Learn more about our special guest Charles and follow us all on Instagram. @mainleybass - @chillingonthesouthside - @wallyspoon @mike.donello :)