Chilling on the Southside
Hosted by Mike Donello
2 years ago

S1E10 - Double Digits/ Feedback

A quick trip down memory lane to commemorate our first 10 episodes plus the regular shenanigans.

Double Digits! Mike and Wallace reflect on the last few months and celebrate their 10th episode of the podcast! In this episode we hear plans for the future of the podcast and strive to get more feedback from our fans to incorporate into the show. There is much banter about the Corona Virus shutdown, potty talk, politics and of course the regular shenanigans. You can also donate to Chilling on the Southside or even buy merch from Mike via Venmo or PayPal @mikedonello. Connect with us to share your thoughts by email or social media. Check us out on @chillingonthesouthside or Twitter @chillingOTS or email us at [email protected] :)

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